Niitsitapi Livestock Production

Program Overview: Online, and hands-on training in the field of Livestock Production for those interested in, or already in Livestock industries. Perfect for Adult Learners who are 18 years or older.

Program at a glance
Credential: Students are given priority into Red Crow Community College Agricultural certificate program.

Method of Delivery:  RCCC Main Campus
Program Intakes: Fall (September program start)
                              Winter (January program start)
Applications are open, no applications accepted after June 15th, 2022

10 Courses 
Beef Production Systems                                  Bison Production Systems Handling Facilities
Beef Pasture and Grazing Management      Bison Nutrition/Health and Disease
Applied Nutrition and Feeding For Beef     Equine Physiology/Health and Disease
Beef Handling Facilities and Equipment    Equine Nutrition, Care and Handling
Beef Health and Disease                                 Intro Livestock Business and Marketing


Selection Process for Admission:
Initial Meeting, scheduling a date to be academically assessed
Accuplacer test
Application Package
        - RCCC forms
        - Funding Application
Ready, willing and Able Interview