Calvin Williams - Mahtsaohhtaan Pretty Shield 

From the Many Children Society a promotor of the Kainai Way of Life. A past member of Sacred Big Holy Society for 23 years and current member of Brave Dog Society. Board member/Elder Representative of Red Crow Community College, member of the 1986-88 Blood Tribe Chief and Council, former Crime Prevention Coordinator of Blood Indian Reserve, former member of FNMI Advisory Council for Lethbridge Community College. Has worked in following fields: Child Care, Juvenile Corrections, Correctional Officer and Community Release Officer (Social Worker 1) for Alberta Solicitor General, Emergency Medical Response. Possess a broad range of knowledge and awareness and understanding of the history, culture, world views, and contributions of Blackfoot People. Is very familiar with tribal governance both Traditional and Contemporary, has knowledge of the terms of Treaty 7 negotiated by Red Crow with the Crown. Is also familiar with Blood history, holistic healing, storytelling, Blackfoot Legends, traditional math, peacekeeping, physics and worldviews.