Academic Programs

At Mikai’sto, Red Crow Community College, we are inspired to meet the cultural, educational and training needs of the learners aspiring for post-secondary education in Indigenous Knowledge Systems. The Academic Programs offer a unique form of both academic and indigenous knowledge systems while simultaneously students are mentored by eminent scholars educated through decades of involvement in Pommaksinn.

All course in the Programs have been integrated with Niisitapisskska’takssin, the Blackfoot Knowledge Paradigm. Moreover, students are supported in embracing the transformative educational processes of a renewal of Indigenous ways of knowing, the transfer of sacred sciences and practices.


Niitsitapi Literacy Program & Adult Upgrading Program

The Niitsitapi Literacy Program and Adult Upgrading Program provide cultural and educational courses that assist students and the community in achieving their personal / cultural / academic goals. Our traditional teachings are based on Kainayssini. Incorporating our culture in the classroom strengthens our Niitsitapi identity.


Niitsitapi Agriculture Preparatory Program

This Niitsitapi Agriculture Preparatory Program is 1 year of upgrading that includes 2 semesters of Agriculture courses and Blackfoot culture courses. Upon successful program completion students will have the opportunity to continue at either Olds College or Lethbridge College in a Diploma Program.


Niitsitapi Agriculture Certificate Program

The principle, guidelines and procedures governing the application, admission and assessment of transfer credits of qualified students to the Agricultural Management Diploma program at Olds College following the completion of the Indigenous Agriculture Certificate program at Red Crow Community College. The Agricultural Management Program allows students who complete their one – year (30 credits) Indigenous Agriculture Certificate program at Red Crow Community College to apply for admission into the second year of the Olds College Agricultural Management Diploma program for completion of their diploma.


Niitsitapi Education Assistant Certificate Program

This is a 10-month (full-time) Niitsitapi Education Assistant Certificate program that will prepare students to work alongside teachers and education professionals supporting the cognitive, psychological, social and emotional development of children and adolescents who have a wide range of exceptionalities.


Indigenous Languages and Culture Diploma Program Two (2) Year Cohort

The Program is intended for the reclamation, revitalization, and strengthening of Indigenous languages with the focus on Blackfoot. The Diploma has a dual focus, reclaiming the knowledge embodied in the language while revitalizing fluency. Secondly, strengthening the cultural responsibilities integral to the identity, health and continuity of the First Nation.


Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work

The Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work is a specialty degree that applies Indigenous science and pedagogies to social work practice. The Program is situated on the promise that students nurture their self-realization through spiritual experiences in an environment of affinity and integrity.


Indigenous Mental Health Diploma – Two (2) Year Cohort – 20 courses transferable to Aboriginal Health Degree University of Lethbridge

Centered on Indigenous ways of knowing, an expression of harmony, balance, unity. The Diploma draws on ground-breaking theory and practice which involves an in-depth understanding and integration of Indigenous approaches to wellness. The Program is foundational to the collective and community based Indigenous knowledge which is the discourse to an access of approaches for resolving the challenges which contribute to the human crisis in Indigenous communities.


2+2 Arts & Science Diploma

The 2+2 Arts & Science program is allowing students to complete 2 years of study at RCCC. Once students meet all the requirements you will transition to the U of L to complete your degree program. Once the 2-year diploma program is completed, students who completed the program will have acquired a total of 60 credits earning a Diploma.

Niitsitapi School of Business

The one-year Business Administration certificate will ladder into a two-year Business Administration diploma. This allows students to receive one or two credentials, depending on their needs. Skill development will encompass areas of business communication, human resource management, contract law, organizational development, accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and technology.