Georgette Fox - Niipoomahkii


Georgette Fox is a member of the Blood Tribe and resides on the Blood Reserve. Her Blackfoot name is Nii poo mah kii (Leaf Woman). Georgette is a former member of one of the Tribe’s sacred societies – Maoto kiiksinan (Buffalo Woman’s) Society where she learned sacred knowledge. She is a member of the Red Crow Community College (RCCC) Elders Advisory Council for a number of years. Prior to this Georgette worked as a Student Counselor for the college. Her areas of expertise are: Pre-Reservation & Post-Reservation Histories, Niitsitapi Ecology, Niitsitapi Philosophies, Family and Kinship Systems, Gender Relations, Childrearing Practices, Repatriation Negotiations, Social and Spiritual Protocol, Conflict Resolution and Law.