RCCC Elders

Elders Advisory Council

Elder's Advisory Council has existed within RCCC's organization for some time (approx. 22+ years). This group comprised of Elders from the Blood Tribe community. This prestigious council of Elders provides spiritual help to RCCC staff and students. It also acts in an advisory capacity on all spiritual and Blackfoot Cultural matters within the college and beyond.Their role is vital in providing expertise in developing Kainai Studies/Blackfoot Studies curriculum to the community of Kainai.

All members of Elders Advisory Council must have had a transfer within the spiritual societies of Kainai and must act in the capacity of Kaahsinnooni (Grandparent).

Current members of this group are:

Leroy Heavy Runner - Aapohkaayo

Bruce Wolf Child - Makoyiippookaa

Sophie Tail Feathers - Ksisskana'pssapi

Evelyn Striped Wolf - Iipamsaipiia

Calvin Williams - Mahtsaohhtaan

Dennis Chief Calf - Naato’kiinaamaahka


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