Traditional math and knowledge

During the week of November 14-18
Many of the students engaged with Elders Georgette Fox, Sophie Tail Feathers and Bruce Wolf Child, the elders recanted the knowledge that they hold and shared with the students.
this knowledge also encompassed with the curriculum for both English And Math. the oral stories helped foster the learning environment by allowing the students to explore both their cultural and creative sides. the goal of RCCC is to help improve students to strive for more knowledge and sometimes to use that knowledge in a practical way, that may also involve artistic and thought processes..
stories are important as they recall the past, so to help stories visual imageries were employed by the elders through their voices, the students had the choice of placing these imageries on paper. miniature tipis were created to visually show that there is math in everything even what some say is mundane and routine. together the students were able to create tipis and they incorporated what was taught to them...

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