Kainai Studies

Kainai Studies Program

With integration of Niisitapisskska’takssin, the Blackfoot Knowledge Paradigm, is the vision of Kainai Studies, enhancing the transformative educational process of our students through the revitalization and renewal of their Indigenous ways of knowing through Pommakssin, the transfer of sacred sciences and practices.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems

At Mikai’sto, Red Crow Community College, we aspire to meet the cultural, educational and training needs of the community. Kainai Studies offers a unique form of both university educated faculty members and eminent scholars educated through decades of involvement in Pommaksinn. Kainai Studies Program offers a choice of on-campus learning and distance learning courses.

Kainai Studies Diploma Educational Opportunities

The Kainai Studies Diploma is directed toward serving the cultural education needs of professionals and service providers; educators, health care providers, administrators, business managers or social workers. The concentration is enhancing a strong Niitsitapi (Indigenous) philosophical, scientific and knowledge background for students seeking higher education in the academic degrees and Indigenous knowledge systems. Kainai Studies Graduates, have an opportunity to become leaders in understanding Indigenous transformative education and establish meaningful and effective relationships within the contemporary Indigenous communities.
Courses are brokered for delivery under various programs by University of Lethbridge and the University of Calgary, and are understood as essential requisites for Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education, Social Work and Indigenous Studies.
The award of a Kainai Studies Diploma requires twenty (20) courses, of which ten (10) courses are required Kainai Studies courses. These courses are listed in the Red Crow Community College Academic calendar.

Kainai Studies, Blood Tribe Certificate

The Blood Tribe Certificate requires five (5) Kainai Studies from a selection of required courses. These courses provide the essential foundational knowledge for working effectively within Indigenous communities, with the awareness and sensitivity of historical, cultural, health and economic challenges while having the understanding and competencies for the application of Indigenous knowledge systems in these environments.

Application Process

1. Required educational courses; English, social, science, applied math.
2. Transcripts and supporting documents. Graduate of High school or Equivalency
3. Prove of Proficiency of English 30 or Equivalency
4. Three Letters of reference and or evaluations. Confidential letters of past employers or educational instructor. One mandatory letter from an Eminent scholar from the Blackfoot Speaking people (Siksiaitsitapi).
5. Work history and experience relevant to the pursuit of Indigenous ways of knowing. Include type of occupational work, scope of responsibilities, supervisor, work evaluation, and reflection on experienced or knowledge gathered which can be applied to the Kainai Studies Diploma Program
6. In 500 words describe your interest in Indigenous knowledge systems.
Include how indigenous knowledge systems can respond to the current social, economic and political issues and how you plan to carve a future for yourself and your community in graduating from the Kainai Studies Diploma Program.

Application Deadline: August 17, 2015

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