Pete Standing Alone

A Legend in his Own Time – Pete Standing Alone
A prominent Blood Tribe Elder who served on the Red Crow Community College (RCCC) Elders Advisory Council passed away on Nov. 27, 2018. Pete Standing Alone was also a member of the Eminent Scholar Program at RCCC. He served on the Advisory Council since its inception about 20 years ago. He was instrumental in indigenizing RCCC programs and ensuring Blackfoot specific accuracy. He served as a cultural advisor to the college and passed on his knowledge and traditional teachings to staff and students at RCCC.
Respected elder Dr. Pete Standing Alone, 90, passed away peacefully at the Kainai Continuing Care Centre, surrounded by family and relatives. Standing Alone, one of the era’s last remaining free range ranchers who had a sizeable herd of cattle and horses, many of which he trained as bucking stock in rodeos, both locally and as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada, was a prominent and proud man who stood tall among his people – the Blackfoot.

During his lifetime, Standing Alone developed strong working skills in assisting local ranchers, working in the Kansas and United States oilfields and on his return, representing the Kainai people as an elected member of council. He also played a prominent role as an elder and advisor in the Blackfoot sacred circles.

A respected Blood Tribe Elder, Pete Standing Alone, was awarded an honorary Degree “Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa” by the University of Lethbridge on May 29, 2012, for his contributions to Aboriginal education. Dr. Standing Alone was well known as a resource person for culture, history, language and ceremonial activities. He served as the cultural advisor to the University of Lethbridge where he spoke regularly in University classes and group discussions about language and culture retention. He also served as an advisor to the Galt Museum and Archives in Lethbridge, and at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.
Dr. Standing Alone was involved with the Horn Society since he was a young man and was one of their most respected elders, as well as the Long-Time Medicine Pipe society of which he was very active.
Most notably, he was involved in a number of films, the earliest in 1958. It was his foresight into the traditional and cultural future of the Kainai people that prompted him to participate in a trilogy of films, sharing a way of life that has long been misunderstood by the greater public. His films, produced by the late Colin Low and the National Film Board, focused on a young man and his realization of how quickly progress was encircling his people. The films, Circle of the Sun, A Pinto for the Prince and Standing Alone share the life of Pete as a young man and his maturity as a Kainai elder. In 2005, the final film Round-Up, depicted his life as a cowboy. In all, he has done approximately 15 films. These widely acclaimed films are a valuable resource and are still broadly viewed by audiences from around the world.
The family of the late Dr. Pete Standing Alone and the people of the Kainai Nation mourn the loss of a proud, humble and respected elder.

May his legacy live on.

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