Message from Roy Weasel Fat President RCCC

The MISSION of MI’KAI’STO - Red Crow Community College is to meet the cultural, educational and training needs for Kainai and beyond. The college will provide leadership through its programs and services to achieve self-realization and self-determination based on KAINAIYSINNI.
Red Crow Community College is committed to providing the programs and services mandated by the Mission Statement in a way which equips our students with the cultural knowledge they need to succeed as Blackfoot men and women both within our community and beyond. Together with the formal education and training we provide, our purpose is to enable our students to gain self-confidence and to gain an awareness of the transformative power of their culture. The members of our Elders Advisory Committee guide us in the preparation and delivery of the programs we offer to ensure that those programs and services are fully indigenized. It is our intention to do our utmost to instill in our students the cultural practices and values which have sustained our people for many years. We firmly believe that this will prepare our students to successfully meet the challenges they will face in their employment and in further education, as well as in their daily lives.
What we do here at Red Crow Community College is make it so that anyone can come and learn about Blackfoot ways if they choose to come here. Once people return back into the culture it has a transformative effect. People change once they know. For me, success is when a member of our community experiences success in education and in life. It is my obligation, and the obligation of the teachers and other members of staff, to pass on this knowledge of success to our students and other members of the community so that they may enjoy the benefits of a post-secondary education and lead a better life. In this way, they may benefit from the “new buffalo” as our ancestors benefitted from the buffalo. That’s what I want for our students.

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