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Graduation Ceremonies 2007

Red Crow Community College held its graduation ceremonies on June 1st, 2007. The event was held at the Travel Lodge convention center. Here is a list of the Graduates from Red Crow and also from other institutions. Click here to see our photo gallery.

Bastien Wade
Big Throat Lyle
Day Chief Victor
Wells Deandra
Calf Robe Tricia
Shade Kaitlynn
Creighton Mary
Tail Feathers Cleve
Creighton Amber
Wright Many Chief Tarra
Hunt Danielle
Young Pine Valentina
Wolf Child Jody
Heavy Shields Fawn
Hunt Roxanne

Fox Brenda
Smith Marvin

Arts and Science
Big Throat Cameron
Devine Basil
Fox Zana
Healy Tammy
Heavy Runner Francis
Bears Greta Many
Rabbit Candice
Weasel Head Robert
Iron Shirt Crystal

Kainai Studies
Eagle Child Evans

Bachelor of Social Work
Twigg Lucille

Petroleum Land Admin
Big Swallow Lucille
Bruised Head Myles
Calf Robe Tamara
Day Chief Debbie
Eagle Child Campbell
Fox Kendrick
Oka Mike
Smith-Oka Louise
Sweet Grass Shane
White Man Left Ricky

Graduates other Institutions

Lethbridge Community College

College and University Preparation
Clinton Medicine Crane
Ronnie Scout
Joan Vielle

William Weasel Fat - Automotive Systems
Kaylee Tail Feathers - Business Admin, Accounting
Gilbert Black Water - Business Admin, General
Lacey Tallow - Business Admin, Management
Melodie Daisy Many Grey Horses - Child and Youth Care, Diploma
Samantha Many Grey Horses - Correctional Studies Diploma
Tobi Young Pine - Correctional Studies Diploma
Krissy Plume - Criminal Justice Policing Program
Grant Shade - Criminal Justice Policing Program
Roberta Mistaken Chief - Culinary Careers
Crystal Gail Young Pine - Early Childhood Education Certificate
Jean Vielle - Early Childhood Education Diploma
Jolane Houle - Fashion Design and Merchandising Diploma
Charmaine Weasel Fat - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Certificate
Lillian Steele - General Studies Certificate
Robert Creighton - General Studies Certificate
Brandy Davis - General Studies Certificate
Guy Day Chief - General Studies Certificate
Susan Shade - Health Care Aide Certificate

University of Lethbridge

Janetta Soup - Bachelor of Management
Joel Tail Feathers - Bachelor of Education
Kyle Shade - Bachelor of Environmental Science
Sandra Singer - Bachelor of Education
Amanda Davis - Bachelor of Management


Jesse Fox - BA History

Mount Royal College

Valerie Goodstriker - Applied Child Studies

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Jade Tail Feathers - Petroleum Land Administration

Keewatin College

Rochelle Crying Head - Theology, Degree

Native Education Centre

Dana Bull Shields - Native Councillor Training

University of British Columbia

Pamela Shields - Law
Stephanie Bull Shields - Bachelor of Social Work
Amanda Fox - Bachelor of Education

Athabasca University

Wynette Tail Feathers - Bachelor of Arts
Sheldon Twigg - BPA Criminal Justice Program

University of Calgary

Kelly Sweet Grass - Bachelor of Social Work

University of Montana

Marlene Eagle Speaker - NAS/English (Creative Writing)
Souta Calling Last - Environmental Science

University of Victoria

Carly Fox - Law

York University

Troy Twigg

University of Manitoba

Gilbert Jr. Eagle Bear - Law