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An emerging technology, the internet, has quickly turned into a worldwide phenomenon. A connection to the Internet has changed the way people communicate, perform research, and do business. No longer is an Internet Connection a luxury, it is a necessity to operate in today's society. The Internet is not just a network of computers; it is an inter networking of human thoughts.
Indigenous Peoples have been left behind in this modern revolution by having inferior computers and slow connections. Given no opportunity to contribute to the internet, they are unable to add their rich heritage to the global consciousness. Until Now!

The object of this web site is to provide an internet based platform from which Indigenous Ways of Knowing can be shared with the world. This will enable Indigenous communities to document their histories and have a central repository of Traditional Knowledge.

Indigenous World Net will enable communities to share, communicate and educate via chat and video conferencing, document their histories, and have a central repository of traditional knowledge.

The main partner in this web site is FNAHEC (First Nations Adult & Higher Education Consortium) a partnering of 10 First Nations Colleges and Learning Centers in Western Canada, as well funding was made available by The Primates World Relief and Development Fund.

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