Program name: Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work

 Program Overview: The Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work is a specialty degree that applies Indigenous science and pedagogies to social work practice. The Program is situated on the promise that students nurture their self-realization through spiritual experiences in an environment of affinity and integrity.

   As a partner of the First Nations Adult and Higher Education Consortium (FNAHEC), RCCC launched the first Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work degree in the Fall 2017. The program was developed through the vision of First Nation communities and a Council of Elders, who guided the process as a response to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Article 14. 1.


Admission Requirements:

The program is designed for students who are motivated to immerse themselves in Indigenous knowledge systems while exploring the Indigenous methodologies.

  • Engagement and mentorship with an Eminent Scholar
  • University Transfer Route. Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree or 20 Arts and Science courses
  • Social Work Diploma Route.


Academic Upgrading and High School Applicants: N/A

Program at a glance
Credential: Diploma

 Length of Program: 2 years

Method of Delivery:  RCCC Main campus

Program Intakes: 


Applications Open: 

Selection Process for Admission: 

Two confidential Letters of Reference.

One mandatory letter from an Eminent Scholar from the Blackfoot Speaking people (Siksiaitsitapi).

Scheduled interview

Accuplacer test