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Red Crow Community College

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A University Preparation Program started in 1986 was the first to educate students for post secondary level under the direction of Blood Tribe Chief and Council Education Committee: Joyce Goodstriker, Esther Tail Feathers, and Jim Wells. The initial programs consisted of two high school courses (UCEPP), one University of Lethbridge course, and study skills. The following is a list of students that were a part of this program and their achievements in 1987 (If any student was left out, the writer apologizes for the oversight and omission(s):Brenda Day Chief – B Ed, Teacher Kainai Board of Education (M Ed 2004-07) Janine First Rider – BA B Ed, Teacher Kainai Board of Education Rose Fox – Kainai Community Corrections Clerk/Officer – Retired April 2006 Crystal Many Fingers BA Bed/MA Genevieve Fox (Jenny) B Ed U of L Terri Many Grey Horses BA/BSW Janice Minoose BSc MA – Counselor Westwind School Division Janice (Black Rabbit)Shingoose BA Bed,. Teacher KBE Tanya Pace-Cross Child BSc – Opookasin Director Lethbridge (Masters candidate 2006)) Evelyn Scout – BA BSW – Kainai Children’s Services Geraldine Twigg, BA KBE Headstart Program Pamela Wadsworth – BA BSW – Kainai Children’s Services

With the rapid growth of Red Crow Community College, the need arose for a person to coordinate the inception of new programs and maintain existing ones. Marie Smallface Marule assumed the role as President of the College on January 6, 1992. She brought an extensive background in post-secondary education with her, and subsequently received the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for education on March 31, 1995. She also received an Honorary Doctorate from Athabasca University in June 2006.

In March 1995, Red Crow Community College became the first Tribal College in Canada. The Blood Tribe Chief and Council officially sanctioned the RCCC Board of Governors. This signified the transfer of governance for adult, post-secondary, continuing, community, vocational and technical education from the Kainaiwa Board of Education to the RCCC Board of Governors. A component of this transfer is the management of the Blood Tribe Post Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) and the Kainai Community Cooperative Learning Partnership Program (KCCLP and Alternate School).

Within a Twenty-year span, RCCC has evolved into a complete post-secondary institution, offering Diploma, Degree and Masters programs in partnership with Mount Royal, Lethbridge Community College, SAIT, The University of Lethbridge, and the University of Calgary. Adult upgrading, continuing, and community education remain a critical focus of the curriculum. From its humble beginnings, Red Crow Community College has grown from a single classroom to being the first Tribally controlled community college in Canada. Most recently, Red Crow Community College was a founding member of the First Nations Adult and Higher Education Consortium (FNAHEC) in 1996, who's purpose is to provide adult and higher education as defined and controlled by First Nations people. RCCC is also affiliated with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC), an organization that involves 30 tribally controlled colleges in the United States and Canada.


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