General Admissions Information

1. All applicants are required to submit official transcripts of their high school record, whether they have received a high school diploma or not. 

2. Applicants who have completed or are not currently attending Grade 12(or the final year of 
secondary school in their jurisdiction), may provide unofficial copies of high school transcripts with their application for admission, Conditional admission may be offered on the basis of 
unofficial academic documents; however, official transcripts must be provided in due course to gain clear admission. 

3. Students who have deficiencies in their high school completion program may attempt to upgrade their status by enrolling in the Adult Education program. It is mandatory to complete English 30-1 for an admission requirement to the Post-Secondary program of studies. 

4.  Applicants who are eighteen (18) years of age or older by the first day of classes in the semester of intended admission and who do not meet current admission requirements will be considered as 

 Mature Student Admission: This applies to applicants who are 21 years of age or older. 

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Application Process - Upgrading

1. Intake: Initial Meeting / Application Package to be completed by testing date.

2. Academic Assessment Testing (ACCUPLACER)

3. Ready, Willing and Able Interview / If applicable, completion of funding application is needed. Gathering missing info & signing service agreements .

NOTE: Please be advised there is a $30.00 non-refundable application fee to be paid at testing time.

Contact Campbell Eagle Child - 403-737-2400 to book a exam time


Fall Registration Deadline: June 17 

Spring Registration Deadline: November 30